Poetry 2.0



The mood is the feeling or atmosphere of a piece. The mood can be many different things. Some examples included:

  • A feeling of love.
  • A feeling of doom.
  • A feeling of fear.
  • A feeling of pride.
  • An atmosphere of chaos.
  • An atomsphere of peace.
Read as you listen to the following poem and think about what the MOOD is in it.

         Spring Garden

Stunningly dressed flower stalks
Stand shimmering in the breeze.
The cheerful sun hides playfully
Behind white, fluffy, cotton-ball clouds,
While trees whisper secrets
To their rustling leaves.
Carpets of grass greenly glow
Blending joyfully with the day.
Spring brings life to death.

Email your response to the poem, and share what the poem makes you feel, and what mood it puts you in.


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