Poetry 2.0

Portfolio Assignment

During this poetry unit, you have written many different types of poetry.
Using the paper provided by the teacher, you are going to create an anthology or portfolio of original poetry. The paper has been cut to size. The holes have been punched, and the needle and thread is included in the classroom supplies. You are going to use the blanket stitich to sew your portfolio together during a class period.
On the first facing page of your portfolio, you will make a Table of Contents and list the titles of the poems you are including in your anthology. When this is done, you will use the computer to type up and print off good copies of each of your poems. You will cut out the poem and glue it into your anthology on the facing page. Each poem must be illustrated and coloured on the opposite side of the page.
When finished, this anthology will make a lovely Christmas gift for someone special.

The marking rubric for the Poetry Booklet is as follows:
Poetry Booklet Rubric